Why multilang version fell

I thought a lot about the further development of gobang_multilang and usefulness of this version, my conclusions:

Gobang multilang was within reach for people from other countries who showed interest in the project.
But the version itself was not useful for installation. Over 250 mb iso image it is the local settings, languages and fonts.
After installation, you had to clean up unnecessary files and settings that sometimes caused problems.
Because of the diversity of languages, this version also did not provide full support during the LiveCD session.
Sorry !
I see no point in pursuing this branch on the GoBnag.
However, the time spent on the development branch multilang, he wants to devote to explain the principles of local settings in the gobang. Sooner or later, I will try to collect everything he writes in one and write a complete documentation of the project GoBang.
Thanks to for all who contribute to the pushing GoBang.



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