GoBang World

New ISO images.

As I wrote before, seen some changes.
– Update package to the latest version.
– Replace the kernel.
– Translation of manuals and post-installation script
– Part of the application moved to GoApps.
– Part of the wallpaper moved to GoApps.
– Thinning of ISO images.
– Add repository, ppa gobang
It’s a quick description of the changes.
Detailed description of the important changes:
-Four versions of the iso image.
-Two versions of the language.
( Polish-English gobang_pl… )
( English gobang_en… )
-Two versions of the kernel.
( 3.2.0-53-generic i686 )
( 3.11.0-12-generic i686 )
kernel 3.2… is still unsolved problem of zrem, more about it here, (module is disabled)
kernel 3.11… is bacport of lts-saucy, which includes all the extras and drivers.
-Added translations: MAN – XGO session, Obprofile and post installation script.
-Part of the software in foreign repositories PPA, was transferred to repositories GoBang on Lunchpad.
-New website for downloads:
-Involvement GoBang on other sites.
-Purchasing a domain „gobanglinux.org”

Thanks to everyone who contributed to these changes.
Feel free to download and share opinions.
If you want to help go to Donation



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