Effects Dasktop GoBang

In this case, was used for Cairo Composite Manager, it is also possible to use „xcompmgr”, but more on that another time.
Enable cairo-compmgr; [ Menu->Conf->Compositing->Enable Compositing with cairo-compmgr ]
To get a clean operation, you need to edit a few entries.

  • Edit autostart.
    [ Menu->Conf->Openbox->Edit autostart ]
    In the file „autostart” was given an example of
    – „Enable Eyecandy …”, but it may not always be a good one for you.
    If you have a problem with shadow, border in tint2, follow these changes.
    Find an entry:

    ## Launch panel
    tint2 &

    replace it with the:

    ## cairo-compmgr
    gb-compmgr --cairo-compmgr

    ## Launch panel
    (sleep 3s && tint2) &

    Now tint2 should not have decorations.

  • The second file is „. conkyrc”.
    To „Conky” was not regarded as a window, you have to put an entry in the file header „.conkyrc”
    [ Menu->Conf->Config Layout->conky->Edit .conkyrc]

    ## no compositor
    #own_window_type override
    #own_window_argb_visual no

    ## xcompmgr
    #own_window_type override
    #own_window_argb_visual yes

    ## cairo-compmgr
    own_window_type desktop
    own_window_argb_visual yes

  • If you are using Obprofile, you must add an entry in the file:
    [ Menu->Conf->Openbox->Edit profile apps ]
    and place the entry:

    gb-compmgr --cairo-compmgr

That would be enough to quickly configure.
Manage Composite Cairo has a number of features and accessories, not all are able to work together properly.What is needed is a personal check and test the ability of CCM.
Enjoy your work and greet.



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