Installation of additional software

At the beginning of remembering is the latest update GoApps.
This update brought greater understanding of mini-scripts [Menu-> GoApps-> System-> Scripts-mini1, MINI2].

What is it?

Mini-scripts are designed to build the basic system, the GUI + Applications.

How does it work?

Scripts concern themselves with automation software to install,
add repositories and configuration environment.
Was designed to image the Ubuntu minimal, but very well in GoBang.
Their function is able to do a lot of:
construction, reconstruction, installation of additional software.

Brief description of scripting – more files REDAME


Supported desktop environments:

Kde4 Classic
GNOME Shell (version Classic or Mint)
Mate (version Mint)
Xfce Classic
LXDE Classic

More to add:

Apps = 188

Desktop optional
Overlay-Scrollbars (Except All KDE and Unity) –
Cups-Server – Common UNIX Printing System-server
Samba-Server – SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix
Gufw-Firewall-Manager –
USB-Creator –
Kde4-Version-4-8-0 (ALL KDE) –
Oxygen-Gtk-Support (KDE4-BASIC) –
Plasma-Widgets-Addons (KDE4-BASIC) – Install additional plasma widgets
MyUnity-Configuration (Unity) –
Unity-Mail (Unity) –
Dash-Youtube-Lens (Unity) –
Ask-Ubuntu-Lens (Unity) –
Mint-Update (Mint) –
Mint-Software-Manager (Mint) –
Mint-Backup (Mint) –
Mint-Recontructor (Mint) –
Mint-Nanny (Mint) –
Mint-Wifi (Mint) –
Enable-Composition (LXDE,Lubuntu) –

Unmanaged-Network-Bugfix –
Alsa-Mute-Bugfix –

Terminal Emulators
Yakuake – A Quake-style terminal emulator for the KDE desktop
Gnome-terminal – Terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop
Xfce4-Terminal – Terminal emulator for the XFCE desktop
LXTerminal – Terminal emulator for the LXDE desktop
Sakura – Terminal emulator based on GTK and VTE
Terminator – Cross-platform GPL terminal emulator
ROXTerm – GTK based Terminal emulator
Eterm – Very light and fast Terminal emulator

File Managers
Konqueror – Full-featured file manager, web browser and more
Krusader – Twin-panel File Manager for KDE desktop
Nautilus – File manager and graphical shell for GNOME desktop
Thunar – File manager for the XFCE desktop
PCManFm – Extremely fast and lightweight file manager
xfe – A lightweight file manager for X11
ROX-Filer – Very lightweight & minimalistic File manager
Gnome-commander – Two-pane graphical file manager for the GNOME desktop

Text editors
Gedit – The official text editor of the GNOME desktop
Leafpad – Simple GTK+ text editor
Scribes – Simple And Powerful Text Editor for GNOME
SciTE – SCIntilla based Text Editor
Geany – GTK based Text editor & IDE

Image Viewers
Gwenview – The default image viewer for the KDE desktop
gThumb – Gtk based Image viewer
Eye-Of-Gnome – Image viewer for GNOME desktop
Ristretto – Lightweight Image viewer for the XFCE desktop
Gpicview – Lightweight Image viewer
Viewnior – a GTK+ based image viewer (from maverick repo)
Mirage – Lightweight Image viewer

Package & Compression managers
Ubuntu-Software-Center – Software manager for GNOME desktop
Lubuntu-Software-Center – Software manager for LXDE desktop
Synaptic – Graphical package manager
Aptitude-gtk – Gtk frontend for aptitude package manager
Gnome-Disk-Utility – Simple partition manager
Gparted – Advanced partition manager
Xarchiver – GTK+ based compression tool
File-Roller – An archive manager for GNOME desktop
Squeeze – Modern and advanced archive manager for XFCE
DejaDup – A simple backup tool
SBackup – A simple backup solution for linux

Internet Browsers
Arora – Simple webkit based webbrowser using the Qt toolkit
Rekonq – Webkit based web browser for the KDE desktop
Firefox – Mozilla Firefox Browser
Chromioum – The base of Google Chrome browser
Midori – Lightweight Firefox clone
Seamonkey – Seamonkey internet suite
Epiphany – Lightweight browser

Mail Clients
KMail – Full featured graphical email client for KDE
Thunderbird – Mozilla Thunderbird mail client
Evolution – Evolution mail client
Sylpheed – Lightweight mail client
Claws – Lightweight mail client

Office utils and tools
LibreOffice-Writer – Office productivity suite- Word processor
LibreOffice-Calc – Office productivity suite- Spreadsheet
LibreOffice-Impress – Office productivity suite- Presentation
LibreOffice-Draw – Office productivity suite- Drawing
LibreOffice-Base – Office productivity suite- Database
KOffice – KDE Full Office Suite
Abiword – Efficient, featureful word processor
Gnumeric – Spreadsheet application for GNOME
Gnucash – Small-business financial-accounting software
KOrganizer – Calendar and personal organizer for KDE
qOrganizer – Lightweight QT4 based graphical organizer
Osmo – Personal organizer for GTK+
Okular – Universal document viewer for KDE
Acroread – Adobe Reader
Evince – Document (postscript, pdf) viewer
XPDF – Simple PDF Viewer for X desktop
ePDFView – Lightweight pdf viewer
PDFedit – Editor for manipulating PDF documents
knotes – Sticky notes application for KDE
Tomboy – Desktop note taking program
Xpad – Sticky note application for X
KCalc – Simple and scientific calculator for KDE
gcalctool – GNOME desktop calculator
Galculator – A GTK+ 2.0 based calculator
SpeedCrunch – High precision QT4 based calculator

Social media
Kopete – Chat client for the KDE desktop
Empathy – GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client
Skype – Make voice and video calls and chats over the Internet
Pidgin – Pidgin social client
Gwibber – Gwibber social client
KMess – Live Messenger chat client for KDE desktop
Emesene – A clone of msn messanger
Konversation – IRC client for the KDE desktop
Quassel – Qt-based IRC client for the KDE desktop
KVIrc – KDE-based next generation IRC client with module support
XChat – IRC client for X similar to AmIRC

File sharing
Vuze – Heavyweight full-featured Java based bittorent client
KTorrent – BitTorrent client for the KDE desktop
Deluge – Bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK
qBittorrent – Qt4 Lightweight bittorent client similar to utorrent
Transmission – Simple and lightweight BitTorrent client
KGet – Download manager for the KDE desktop
Giver – simple file sharing desktop application
Gwget – Front-end for wget download manager
Uget – Easy-to-use GTK+2 download manager
MultiGet – Graphical download manager
KFTPgrabber – Ftp client for the KDE desktop
gFTP – Gtk based multithreaded FTP client

Multimedia players
Kaffeine – Versatile media player for KDE
DragonPlayer – Simple media player for the KDE desktop
Bangarang – Multimedia player with a lightweight ui for KDE desktop
Vlc – Video Lan multimedia player
Gnome-Mplayer – Mplayer frontend for GNOME desktop
Totem – A simple media player for the GNOME desktop
Parole – Media player for the XFCE desktop
SMplayer – Complete front-end for MPlayer
AmaroK – Easy to use media player based on the KDE Platform
Clementine – Multiplatform music player inspired by Amarok 1.4
JuK – Music jukebox/music player for the KDE desktop
Rhythmbox – Music player and organizer for GNOME desktop
Listen – An audio player written in Python
Exaile – Full featured music player written for GTK+
Tomahawk – Social media player
Gmusicbrowser – Graphic jukebox for large collections of music files
Audacious – Audio player similar to Winamp
DeaDBeeF – Lightweight audio player for GNU/Linux systems with X11
Decibel – Lightweight audio player
KRadio – Comfortable radio application for KDE

CD/DVD Burning
K3B – CD/DVD Burn utility for KDE desktop
Brasero – User friendly CD/DVD Burn utility
Gnomebaker – CD/DVD Burn utility for Gnome desktop
Xfburn – Lightweight CD/DVD Burn utility
IsoMaster – A graphical CD image editor

Photo & Printing utils
DigiKam – Advanced digital photo management application for KDE
KPhotoAlbum – Indexing, searching and viewing images in KDE desktop
Shotwell – Digital photo organizer
Fspot – Personal photo management application
Fotoxx – Easy-to-use digital photo editor
Skanlite – Image scanner for KDE 4 based on the KSane backend
Simple-Scan – Simple scanning application
Flegita – Easy to use Scanning Utility
KSnapshot – Screen capture tool for the KDE desktop
Kgrab – Screenshot utility for KDE4

Graphic editing utils
Krita – Open Source Digital Painting and Drawing Suite
Gimp – The GNU Image Manipulation Program
RawTherapee – Digital Photo Processing Application
Darktable – Good alternative to Adobe Lightroom
ImageMagick – Image manipulation program
Pinta – Lightweight image editor for Linux
Inkscape – Vector-based drawing program
Xara-LX – Heavyweight vector graphics, illustration and DTP Program
Kolourpaint – Simple image editor for the KDE desktop
MyPaint – Fast and easy graphics application for digital painters
mtPaint – Simple painting program
FontForge – Font editor

Video editing utils
Kdenlive – Non-linear video editor for KDE
Openshot – Create and edit videos and movies
Pitivi – Non-linear audio/video editor using GStreamer
Avidemux – Lightweight and cross-platform video editor
DVDRip – Full featured DVD ripping program written in Perl
RecordItNow – Desktop recorder for KDE
RecordMyDesktop – Screen Audio-Video capturing

Audio editing utils
Audacity – Fast, cross-platform audio editor
Ardour – Digital audio workstation
LMMS – Linux MultiMedia Studio
Rosegarden – Music editor and MIDI-audio sequencer

Multimedia Codecs
Adobe-Flash-Player – Adobe Flash support for several internet browsers
W32-64Codecs – Support for Divx3-4, Mp4, Quicktime, Realaudio/video, WMV, Cinepak
Libdvdcss2 – Support for Playing Encrypted DVDs
Mp3-plugin – Mp3 audio files support

ClamTk – Gui for ClamAv. An antivirus software for linux
Remastersys – Create a Live bootable iso of your current system
Virtualbox-ose – x86 virtualization solution (Open source version)
Wine-1.3 – Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer v1.3
Wine-1.2 – Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer v1.2
Q4Wine – Qt4 GUI for Wine
PlayOnLinux – Front-end for Wine


The script is adapted form Perfectbuntu
Robbie Ferguson.
The current version

This script supports Precise and Quantal minimal installs.
You can install the following desktop environments:
Gnome Shell
Kubuntu desktop
Xubuntu desktop
Lubuntu desktop
Myth TV

The following software is also available:
Graphical package managers (eg: Synaptic or kpackagekit)
Printing support
Libre Office, Zoho Office, or Gnome Office
Kmail, Evolution, Thunderbird or Webmail integration
Smplayer, VLC, Amarok, Banshee, Parole, Rhythmbox
Multimedia codecs
DVD support
Avant Window Navigator
Archive support
Email spam filters
Firefox (latest release), Chrome, Opera, Chromium
Compiz Config Settings Manager
XBMC and Moovida

As you can see I’m not the author of the code, flexible function has been checked, but not everything I could find out.
Remember, common sense, and read what happens during operation, avoid unnecessary problems
In case of problems, please contact us, I will try to help.

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