GoBang languae support

Help language

Published iso with multiple languages installed.
Changing the language at runtime in the [ Display Manager ] language.
Location Settings [Menu -> GUI -> System-> Language ]

If your language is not listed , follow the procedure:

1. Open Terminal [ sudo gnome-language-selector ] install language.
2. Sometimes the system language does not appear in the list, if so, do [ sudo aptitude reinstall locales ]
3. Follow instructions first.

If you want to delete unneeded languages:

In the termina [ sudo gnome-language-selector ] remove language.


If you want to leave only one language, and do not want to install packages on a system with added languages do: [ sudo aptitude install localepurge ]


To change keyboard settings, perform:
1. Open Terminal [ sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration ] and go through the process of setting changes



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